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    February 22, 1984
  • Incorporated as a non-profit corporation, created with the intention of being an official project to commemorate the Sesquicentennial of the State of Texas with the first exhibit/program occurring during 1986.
    March 13, 1984
  • Endorsement by Texas Music Educators Association
    October 7, 1985
  • Endorsement by Texas Music Association
    October 29, 1985
  • Endorsement by Texas Music Teachers Association
    November 12, 1985
  • Press conference/public announcement and exhibit/ program at the Waller Creek Hotel.
    December 6, 1985
  • Designation as a State Sesquicentennial Association
    February 19, 1986
  • 501 (c) (3) final determination approved
    February 24 - March 8, 1986
  • Premier Sesquicentennial Exhibit and Programs Texas on Record - A Seventy-Year History of Texas Recorded Music. This exhibit was presented at First City Centre and included daily performances of Texas Music. (Estimated attendance 5,000).
    July 29, 1986
  • Mechanical Music Exhibit and Program Band Organ and Music Box Rally, co-sponsored by the Sunbelt chapter of the Music Box Society International. The exhibit was held at the Elizabet Ney Museum and was attended by 2,500 people.
    October 10 - December 2, 1986
  • Conjunto Music Exhibit in conjunction with a Festival and Symposium on Conjunto Music co-sponsored by La Pea. The exhibit was presented at Las Manitas Restaurant on October 10-11 and at the Henry S. Terrazas Library from October 14 - December 2, 1986. Some 2,000 visitors attended.
    June 12 - August 8, 1987
  • African American Contributions to Texas Music I: Classical, Gospel, Jazz, Ragtime/Barrelhouse. The exhibit, co-sponsored by Friends of Carver Museum, was held at the Carver Museum and was enjoyed by 1,500 visitors. Three public discussion and musical programs (sacred, jazz and classical music) were well attended and videotaped for use on ACTV.
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    April 22 - May 31, 1988
  • Orquesta Music Exhibit in conjunction with a Festival and Symposium on Orquesta Music sponsored by La Peña. The exhibit was presented at Carver Museum and later at The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center in San Antonio. Combined attendance was more than 1,500.
    June 17 - August 17, 1988
  • African-American Contributions to Texas Music II: Blues, Soul, Ragtime and Barrelhouse co-sponsored by Friends of Carver Museum. A symposium and music program on Texas Blues was presented on June 17 at the Carver Library. A symposium and musical program on Texas Soul music was presented on June 24th. The exhibit and programs were attended by 1800 people.
    July 16 - July 23, 1988
  • Songs of Texas was presented in the Capital Rotunda. The exhibit focused on songs about the Lone Star State, its heritage, cities and historic places. A large collection of rare sheet music was on display and a musical program including many of the great songs of Texas. In addition, in conjunction with the Sunbelt Chapter of The Musical Box Society International large band organs played on the South Lawn of the Capital grounds and smaller mechanical music machines played in the East Wing of the Capital Building on July 16th. (Attendance was over 15,000 people.)
    February 3 - February 26, 1989
  • African American Contributions To Texas Music III: All aspects of music were presented, i.e., Blues, Classical, Jazz, Gospel, Soul and Barrelhouse. Four musical programs accompanied the exhibit at the Carver Library: Gospel (Feb. 3rd), Jazz (Feb. 11th), Blues (Feb. 15th) and Barrelhouse Piano (Feb.25th). Over 2,500 people attended the exhibit and programs.
    May 5 - August 19, 1989
  • An Austin Medley - 150 Years of Austin Music History was co-sponsored by the Austin History Center. A musical program was presented that included a broad range of old and new songs about Austin including the first performance in perhaps over 100 years of the Austin Schottische written in 1872. The exhibit, musical program and resulting video taped program was an important highlight of Austin's Sesquicentennial, attracting some 2,500 visitors.
    June 15 - July 28, 1990
  • Good Enough To Keep - Jazz of Texas at the Carver Museum with a satellite exhibit at Katz's Top of the Marc. The exhibit and music program was enjoyed by over 1500 people. A video tape program of the opening musical program featuring "JAMAD" has been shown repeatedly on Austin Public Television.
    July 14 - July 22, 1990
  • Musica Tejana in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building. Over 15,000 people viewed the exhibit. The music program featuring Lydia Mendosza, Tish Hinajosa and others was enjoyed by 1,000 people and later presented on Austin Community Television in an edited format for Diez y Seiz 1990.
    February 23 - May 31, 1991
  • Texas Classics exhibit co sponsored by the Barker Texas History Center featured Texas Classical Composers, pianists, and singers. A music program featuring Ruth Bingaman Smith included her own recordings and compositions by David Guion and John Steinfeld. The musical program and the following exhibit attracted over 1,000 visitors.
    July 20 - July 28, 1991
  • Waltz Across Texas in the rotunda of the Capitol Building. Over 10,000 people viewed the exhibition on cowboy, country and western swing music of Texas. The music program featured the Light Crust Doughboys, Adolph Hofner, Red River Dave McEnery and Cliff Bruner. A videotape of the program was repeatedly presented on ACTV.
    August 5 - August 31, 1991
  • Images of Blues at the Carver Museum. The exhibit of over 60 Texas Blues musicians was enjoyed by over 1200 visitors. A music program accompanying the exhibit opening featured local Bluesman, Alfred "Snuff" Johnson.
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    April 3 - May 2, 1992
  • Hot Texas Jazz the Carver Museum. Over 75 Texas Jazz Musicians were featured in this exhibit, from turn of the century ragtime Scott Joplin, to more recent artists such as Arnett Cobb and Ornette Coleman. Approximately 1800 people enjoyed this exhibit.
    August 5 - September 30, 1992
  • Musikfest-German Contributions to Texas Music was presented at Austin's Elisabet Ney Museum. Photographs, biographies, and artifacts focusing on the history and cultural significance of German Texas music was displayed including the first organ built in Texas by a German immigrant organ builder. A live music program was presented on August 29th including the Boerne Community Band, the Austin Saengerrunde and the Austin Chamber Music Center. Three workshops on aspects of Texas German music were also presented. The exhibit and program were enjoyed by over 2,000 visitors.
    April 13 - May 12, 1993
  • Let The Choir Say Amen - an exhibit on African-American contributions to Texas Gospel Music was presented at the Carver Museum. A memorial musical tribute to Rev. E.M. Franklin (Leader of the Paramount Singers) was presented at St. James Baptist Church in conjunction with the exhibit. The exhibit and program was attended by approximately 1500 visitors.
    August 2 - August 24, 1993
  • From Ragtime to Rock - Popular Music of Texas was presented at the Dougherty Arts Center. A music program was presented in the Dougherty Arts Center Theater featuring Austin contemporary rock and pop artists. Visitors numbered more than 5,400.
    August 2 - August 24, 1994
  • Living Texas Legends turned the spotlight on living Texas musicians who established their careers in the decades from the 1930s through the 1950s. A music program was presented at the Dougherty Arts Center Theater featuring "Red River Dave" McEnery, Juan Lopez, "El Rey de la Redova" and others. Approximately 5,000 visitors attended the exhibit and program.
    August 1 - August 29, 1995
  • Muziky, Muziky - Czech Contributions to Texas Music was presented at the Dougherty Arts Center Gallery. The exhibit included early Texas Czech bands, folksongs, Czech dance halls, as well as more recent Czech bands. A music program featured Kovanda's Czech Band and a rare appearance by Ray Krenek on the dulcimer.

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    August 2 - August 26, 1996
  • Tejano Music History and Development was presented at the Dougherty Arts Center Gallery. The exhibit included early family bands and instrumentalists, corridos, conjuntos, orquestas and Tejano crossover to pop, rock and country. A grand opening music program was presented featuring conjunto Aztlan who presented a musical history of Tejano music.

    June 11 - August 31, 1997
  • Rags to Rap - African American contributions to Texas Music was presented at the Carver Museum of Black History and Culture focusing on African American Texas composers and musicians from Scott Joplin to contemporary rappers. A satellite exhibit was also presented at the Austin Visitors and Convention Bureau. A series of five music programs was presented in conjunction with the exhibit, including performances by Carol Fran, Clarence Hollimon, Major Lee Burkes, Martin Banks, Ernie Mae Miller, and MC Overlord.

    August 5 - October 30, 1998
  • Our Native Spirit - Diversity of Native American Music in Texas was presented at the Carver Museum. This exhibit focused on Native American music in Texas ranging, in time, from Pre-Columbian cultures such as the Apaches, Wichitas, Caddos, Kiowas, and Tonkawas to music of the mission Indians and contemporary reservations tribes such as Alabama-Coushattas as well as urban Indians. The exhibit included a display of rare artifacts such as flutes, drums, rattles and rasps from the late 18th and early 19th century .
    July 5 - August 28, 1999
  • And the Winners Are... Texas Grammy Award Winners was presented at the Julia C. Cutridge Gallery, Dougherty Arts Center. The exhibit showcased over seventy-five Texas artists who have won Grammys with a broad range of musical styles, from classical to country. Biographical information, photos, copies of original recordings/sheet music and recording artifacts provided the visual element with musical samples on audiotape providing insight into the variety of styles that have found national appeal and led to the awards.

    March 22 - May 16, 2000
  • The Texas Piano Professors presented at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. A series of charcoal portraits of the Piano Professors by local artist Kevin Rollins as a special highlight of this show. Among those depicted are Robert Shaw, Roosevelt "Grey Ghost" Williams, Sammy Price, Erbie Bowser, Lavada Durst, Alex Moore, Carol Fran, and Katie Webster. Short biographies depict the career of each performer placing the musician in his or her local and national context.

    July 5 - August 3, 2000
  • FIRST LADIES Women and Texas Music was presented at the Julia C. Butridge Gallery, Dougherty Arts Center. The exhibit focused on women who have made their work on the history of music in Texas. Among the women featured, working in every style and genre, are such well-known figures as Mary Martin, Barbara Mandrell, Tish Hinojosa, and Erykah Badu as well as less-known, but equally influential historical performers, including Olga Samaroff, Chelo Silva, Arizona Dranes, and Dreda Aves.

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